Pierrot Colonna was born in France in the mid 70's... .

Turning his back to the conventional school system, Pierrot landed a job in a prominent news paper in Paris : "Liberation" and got to work with the photo department alongside many photographers who became friends and mentors. Few years later, a random encounter with a camera war reporter from the "Capa" news agency changed his life... .an intense friendship and a passion for camera work was born.

Making his way through the independent movie scene and the camera department positions, Pierrot got to work with numerous talented Directors and Cinematographers that shaped his vision and knowledge... . Abel Ferrara, Olivier Megaton, Hype Williams, Yohan Ungar or Meiert Avis... ..Darius Khondji, Shane Hurlbut, Danny Hiele, Thomas Klauss just to name a few... .

Over the years Pierrot has filmed numerous commercials, promos, music videos as well as 2nd unit D.P. in major feature films... .

With American training and European sensitivity, Pierrot is without a doubt a young, upcoming Director of Photography with a unique style and passion.

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